LCD Monitor Lots


LCD Monitor Lots Available in Montreal

Need to buy LCD monitors in bulk for your business on a budget? InteRecycle's wholesale service is the right solution for your Montreal situation as we offer LCD monitor lots ready to use! Visit us to purchase your LCD screens. Our team will be available to help you with your purchase!

Here are the characteristics of our lots:

  • All monitors have been tested and verified
  • Cables are not included in the lots
  • We guarantee the good working condition of the lot at 90% until 30 days after receipt unless indicated AS IS in the description
  • Monitors may show signs of wear and tear
  • You may receive a detailed list of the lot
  • The lot cannot be sold separately
  • We primarily own the following brands: Dell, HP and Lenovo
  • The monitors are mainly 17'' and 19'', 19'' wide and 22'' in size

Contact us to learn more about the LCD Monitor lots available at InteRecycle in Montreal!

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